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We pride ourselves on providing satisfaction and reassurance of a capable wedding professional by the first site visit to every client and understanding the experience you want your guests to have quickly. Contact us today to step into the lime light and leaving the stress behind.

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Pronounced Kha-DEE-ja

Khadija is the powerhouse behind Limelight Productions that leads with her heart. Passionate about weddings from a young age, Khadija pairs her marketing background with a proactive personality that does not disappoint. Khadija has a wealth of experience and is respected by industry professionals for her inviting and approachable demeanor.

Khadija believes in getting to know each couple over chai, who remain friends well after the wedding is over. Talk to her about her love of cats, her hobby of traveling and how she needs something sweet after every meal.


Limelight Productions has a fresh approach toward every wedding and event. We believe that each wedding should reflect the personality of the couple to avoid a cookie cutter, stale wedding. We want guests to go home at the end of the night saying "that was SO them!". We want your wedding to stand out from the crowd with a tailored vision that we curate together. A collaboration and partnership between the wedding party and wedding professionals is key to a successful event.

Limelight Productions partners with you to understand your vision and brings it to reality.  We provide you with cost saving alternatives and keep your budget in mind when recommending vendors. We think of every small detail to assure you we're prepared for your Big Day. Limelight Productions supplies you with a qualified team to support your wedding to have an incredible stress free experience for the most memorable night of your life! 

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Behind every wedding is a dedicated team of passionate wedding professionals that ensure the wedding is going off without a hitch. The Limelight Team consists of members that are highly organized, detail oriented, take initiative and put out fires (figuratively and literally, ask us!). An advantage of hiring Limelight Productions is that the team is social and remain calm in stressful situations, knowing there is a contingency plan in affect for every potential hiccup. This committed group comes with a solution based approach and is hand picked for the most important day of your life.

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Limelight Productions has had 100% conversion rate after the initial site visit due to our wealth of experience. We provide clarity on next steps so you can walk away less overwhelmed with the daunting task of wedding planning. 

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